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četvrtak, siječanj 21, 2010
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utorak, siječanj 12, 2010
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nedjelja, veljača 1, 2009
Laws regarding incest (Wikipedia):
Under Canadian law persons who are related lineally, or as brother or sister , including by adoption may not marry. Incest, which covers sex with one's parent, child, brother or sister (including half-brothers and half-sisters), grandparent or grandchild, is also an indictable offence and liable to a maximum of 14 years' imprisonment

In France, incest is not a crime; incest laws were abolished by Napoleon in 1810.

The Netherlands

Incest is legal in The Netherlands. Incest laws were abolished some 200 years ago. However any adult relative will face arrest if he or she engages in sexual activity with a child (under 18) family member.

In Japan, the Civil Code of Japan restrict marriages of its members, but incest is not a crime. Incest law was abolished in 1881. Incest however is generally considered immoral. One of the most complex cases was Aizawa v. Japan.

Sweden is the only country in Europe which allows marriage between siblings who share only one parent. However, permission for this must be acquired from the County Administrative Board.

United Kingdom
Incest is illegal in the United Kingdom and is currently governed by the Sexual Offences Act 2003 sections 64 and 65.

United States
In the United States, every state and the District of Columbia have some form of codified incest prohibition. However, individual statutes vary widely. Rhode Island repealed its criminal incest statute in 1989, Ohio only targets parental figures, and New Jersey does not apply any penalties when both parties are over the age of 18. Yet Massachusetts issues a penalty of up to 20 years imprisonment for those engaging in "sexual activities" with relatives closer than first cousins and Hawaii up to 5 years in jail for "sexual penetration" with certain blood relatives and even in-laws.

I'm with the European nations (excluding the UK) on this one. What could possibly be wrong with sex between consenting adults? Nothing. I imagine further discrimination toward incestuous relationships will spark a civil rights movement in the near future. The affected will have some leeway for publicity once bigots stop hating gays and lesbians. The following controversy will likely be android + human love, then inter-species (extraterrestrial)... but those are subjects for another day.

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ponedjeljak, siječanj 26, 2009

Nobody asked for it, but it's coming anyways: 3D porn.
Yes, Hong Kong filmmakers are hard at work on the first 3D adult film, shooting with a budget of $4 million.
The movie, which will be in Chinese, is called "3D Sex and Zen" and begins shooting in April.
Just imagine that you'll be watching it as if you were sitting beside the bed. There will be many close-ups. It will look as if the actresses are only a few centimetres from the audience.
And if lots of close-ups didn't sell you, get this: only 25% to 30% of the movie will be sex scenes. This sounds like a terrible porn. But hey, 3D guys! You'll get to watch it with headache-inducing glasses! The future!

source: Gizmodo
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nedjelja, siječanj 11, 2009
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nedjelja, prosinac 21, 2008
For a couple of years now the non-profit organization Porn for the Blind has been providing the sightless with audio descriptions of porn clips. It's a magnanimous effort, but I'm sure many of the blind wish it were done more professionally.
Amateurish quality is, of course, expected when you allow anyone to record their own narration. Some of the more recent additions, though, seem to come from individuals looking for amusement. The result is half-assed whims from bored college students or wannabe comedians.
Granted, some volunteers are actually trying (like this courageous guy describing 2girls1cup) and doing a decent job. But maybe if the organization had funding every audio clip could be just as good as Regina Lyn's efforts*.

Porn for the Blind

And no, this is not a joke site.
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subota, prosinac 13, 2008

A couple of weeks ago popular tube site Megarotic underwent a major redesign. The new sleek look is Hulu inspired placing emphasis on the widescreen video player and minimalizing clutter. Features like comments are now part of the player's interface, which is great for commenting on embedded videos but somewhat bothersome on the actual site. It's the best looking porn 2.0 site; it's got that going for it. Yet it's still not

Firstly, it's now Megaporn. Mega-porn. Splendid... the only video site with a clever name sans 'tube' or 'porn' in its URL has succumb to banalities. The logic behind the change is pretty commercial: porn is more blatant than 'arotic' and more visible in search results. But the name is the least of Megaporn's annoyances.

Before the redesign Megarotic imposed a video limit on all non-premium members. Ten or so video views were allowed per day. It was a minor vexation, more so on those occasional mindless viewing sessions. The new Megaporn might be more frustrating. Instead of a limit of views the site enforces a limit of time: 31 minutes. After watching for a collective time of half an hour free users are forced to wait about one hour to watch another video. That's at least better than having to wait for a whole day. And, for the casual viewer, it'll hardly be a problem.

Oh, there's another thing. The 31 minute limit is exact and unrelenting. Meaning: if you've watched 25 minutes of content and you're currently streaming a 10 minute video, that video will suddenly stop halfway through with a message instructing you to wait or join for unlimited use. Either let the interruption occur and wait or postpone until the next day when your minutes reset.

The goal, evidently, is to annoy regular users until they decide to pay for an unlimited premium account. Some will do that, but far more will start spending less time on Megaporn and more time visiting its unrestricted competitors.

There doesn't seem to be any way past the restriction, unless you want to go the technical route: proxy or a VPN service like Hotspot Shield. A Firefox extension like DownloadHelper that downloads the .flv file instead of viewing the video in the browser won't be of any help, by the way (download stops when 31 min. barrier is reached).

Embedded videos count towards your minutes, too. So before you decide to click 'play' on the 18 min. and 12 sec. vid below of a beautiful fuck between Kayden Kross and Tommy Gunn, please think it through. It shouldn't take long.
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nedjelja, prosinac 7, 2008
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nedjelja, studeni 2, 2008
The Internet is all giving. I came across two videos on the illustrious Kama Sutra. The first, Kama Sutra 2 (a sequel I assume), has a narrator describing the acts of an onscreen couple. It is less instructive than it is erotic, which isn't necessarily bad if you're in the mood for that. The second appears to have been made recently and is much more informative. A female and male voice narrate with the couples chiming in on occasion. PowerPoint like bullet points add further information. It's divided into five ten minute sections, but, alas, the first part seems to be missing.

KAMASUTRA - Lovers Guide - Sex Positions: (part 1 missing)
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subota, listopad 11, 2008

One of the key appeals of Second Life is the nearly unlimited liberty users are given. Restricted only by the amount of Linden Dollars they've earned, a whole subculture lives out their kinky desires in this virtual world. Virtual photographers, like Vickie Shan, are among them capturing their own and others' erotic experiences.

Vickie Shan hosts her "Durty Gurl" art exhibit in-world. You still have a little less than a week to visit and purchase her pieces, within Second Life. Otherwise see Shan's Flickr photostream for all the Second Life erotica you could ask for.

Vickie Shan's Flickr Photostream
@ deviantArt

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